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UK's Biggest Financial Scandal

To the surprise of markets and the chagrin of shareholders, the UK’s largest lender, Lloyds Banking Group, has reported a fall in profits. It is because of a much older issue, the UK’s long-running PPI scandal.

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The PPI Scandal – How did it happen?

Britain's banks were found to have been selling 'ineffective but highly profitable Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for more than a decade.

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What is Marriage Tax Allowance?

If your spouse or civil partner earns more than you, the marital tax exemption allows you to transfer £1,260 of your personal allowance (the sum you will receive tax-free per tax year) to them.

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A Guide to PPI

If you have received a PPI pay-out since April 2016, tax may have been deducted. Since April 2016 non-taxpayers and basic rate taxpayers can probably get some or all of this back from the HMRC! This blog looks at who can claim this tax back and how to do it.

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Claiming Back Tax on PPI

The deadline for claiming back any PPI payments you made for policies sold incorrectly expired on the 29th of August. You should have been able to get your claims filed in time and got your cash back, however, there is still a chance you could still be owed more.

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PPI refund? Claim Back the Tax Deducted!

If you have received a PPI or payday loan refund or any other type of affordability refund, tax may have been deducted. Since April 2016 non-taxpayers and basic rate taxpayers can claim this back from the HMRC!

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Personal Savings Allowance

The Personal Savings Allowance was introduced in April 2016. It offers the chance for savers to grow their money tax-free by earning interest up to £1,000 for basic rate taxpayers, or up to £500 for higher rate taxpayers.

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Uniform Tax Allowance

You could be entitled to recover £100s of tax for up to five years of expenses if you wear a uniform at work and have to wash, fix, or replace it yourself.

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